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Bicycle Tracking

Thousands of bikes are stolen every day. A stolen bike can take hundreds or thousands of dollars out of your pocket, leave you without a means of transit and turn into a frustrating, angering experience. The OneX GPS Tracker protects you from theft by tracking down your bike.

It’s difficult to protect your bike from every possible theft scenario, and your bike could get stolen even if you make every attempt to lock it securely. The chances of you getting the bike back are slim, and you may not see it again even if the police recover it.

The OneX GPS tracker gives you a second line of defense. You should still lock your bike, but if a thief happens to break it free, you have a means to get it back. The device mounts inside the headset, where it is hidden and unassuming. You use a special wrench to secure the device, so it’s not easily removed.

You can keep track of the bike’s location via OneX’ website, and then just relay its location to the police.

Motorbike Tracker

Whether you own the latest sport motorbike or a vintage classic you’ll want to protect it from thieves with the best motorcycle tracking system available.

OneX offer motorbike tracking options to suit a range of bikes to improve motorcycle security, reduce insurance premiums and offer you peace of mind so that in the event of a theft the police will be able to find your bike.

There are around 77 motorcycles and scooters being stolen every day and due to their size they are much easier to hide than larger vehicles making OneX’s unique GPS tracking technology vital. ONEX GPS tracking can find your bike even if it has been hidden in a lock-up, van, shipping container or underground car park, situations where GPS tracking can be rendered ineffective.

Such features include:

  • Power cut off alert
  • Vibrations alerts if bike is tampered with
  • Geofence alerts
  • Towing alerts
  • Remote sms ignition kill

Boat Tracker

Boat Security can be improved by fitting a GPS tracker. You’ll always know where your boat is, with instant alerts if it moves, plus you can get other useful information such as battery levels & external voltage, engine status & runtime etc, depending on the model.

OneX gives you the choice of  the right technology depending on the area your boat is likely to travel in, what data you require, and how often you need status updates.

Cellular networks cover most coastlines & extend out to sea, so for anti-theft movement alarms or voltage monitoring, a GPS device will cover most of your needs at the lowest cost. For remote locations with no mobile signal, a Satellite device can provide movement alerts using the Globalstar satellite network.

Jetski tracker

OneX has an advanced security and tracking system ideal for monitoring your favourite water craft. Within seconds of your boat or jetski being towed, ignition being switched or battery running low, the device raises the alarm by instant email or text message to a mobile phone.

The OneX Trackers have been designed for a range of boating applications.

Caravan tracker

OneX have the ideal solution for your caravan tracking and monitoring needs. Using the OneX GPS System yo can detect any undesired presence with the capability to track the caravan/campervan’s movements in the event of a theft.

As soon as movement has been detected, the unit can send an SMS to up to 3 different phone numbers, alerting you, friends and relatives immediately. If your caravan is stolen, you can track the caravan over the web login to OneX Website.  The OneX GPS system integrates the latest  GPS technology and has an accuracy of up to 3 metres.

Finally you will be able to track & log your trip via our website, keeping in touch with loved ones while on those long trips, SOS alerts mean if you find yourself under duress you can alert a loved one and it will send them your exact coordinates via text message or the website!

Tradie trailer tracker

Trailer tracking software allows you to monitor your trailer and your equipment anywhere an Internet connection exists. Track OneX GPS Trailer Tracking System provides detailed, accurate reporting, giving you peace of mind and quick-find ability so you can better manage your business at a lower cost.

Protect your valuable assets anywhere in the world


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