This device is a completely covert GPS tracker that easily installs to a vehicle’s power source. With 5-second onwards location updates and an external antenna to maximize performance, this powerful hidden car tracker puts you in total control of individual vehicles or fleets – and drivers will never know it’s there unless you tell them. Perfect for tracking fleet vehicles, this best-in-class GPS device features improved accuracy, and it’s designed specifically to make locating and routing vehicles as simple as possible.

What sets this device apart from similar hardwired trackers is its backup battery. Enjoy an unlimited power supply while the car is running and, when the car is off, it will continue to provide location information; ideal for recovering a vehicle if it’s been stolen. The backup battery will last nearly 12 hours.

This vehicle tracker runs on our ONEX’s exclusive GPS platform, giving you a full range of features. Through our easy-to-use platform, you’re able to receive speed alerts via text or email if a vehicle exceeds any speed you select. And our new Rapid Track feature lets you switch to an even faster tracking speed for brief periods of time when you need it most via our Web based platform and phone App.

You can also set geofences, which send you an instant message the moment a vehicle enters or exits a predefined zone. Access highly detailed reports of a vehicle history, in addition to viewing the tracker’s location in real time on three customizable map views. Access all of these features from any device with an internet connection, and check in on your vehicle location conveniently using the free, intuitive app.

ONEX GPS does not support the illicit use of GPS tracking devices. This product is offered for the express purpose of securing personal or company property, and ensuring the safety of individuals with their consent.

Interested in purchasing multiple units? Discounted tracking rates available.

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Key Benefits

  • Ignition On / Off Reports
  • Engine Hour Reports
  • Ignition Kill via SMS
  • Tow Alerts
  • Weekly Activity Reports
  • Service Schedule Platform
  • Historical Replay
  • Vibration Sense Alerts
  • Geofence Reports and Alerts
  • Over Idol Reports and Alerts
  • PTO Reports and Alerts
  • Real-time Live Tracking
  • Web-based Platform
  • Powered by 3G/4G Network

Protect your machinery with a secure GPS tracking device


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